The Airship
2-Week Project
Push toy that seeks to engage children's imaginations and inspire them to both build and play with their creation.
Creating an Engaging Toy
I knew I wanted to create a pull / push toy that was more engaging than the current "duck on a string" designs, so I looked into what age children begin to interact with the world differently.

Incorporating Fantasy
I wanted to create a toy that would grip the child's imagination while implementing real mechanical elements. After some exploration, I went in the direction of a flying machine - a combination between a ship and a plane.
Motion Transfer
My design would incorporate two systems of motion transfer: a scotch-yoke rudder system in the back and a gear-driven propeller system in the front.
The Parts
After much calculation, I was ready to cut!

Putting it all together. The ship comes together in three main sections: the frame, the propeller unit, and the scotch-yoke unit.

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